The Four Cs of Diamond Grading

The four seasons bring us sun, rain, wind and snow. The Four Tops cherished us waterway profound and mountain high. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse guarantee us passing, war, starvation, and plague.

While not everything that comes in fours is alluring, it’s great to recognize what individuals have in store for us. In the event of some unforeseen issue. Maryland Diamond Sales

Proceeding with the subject of valuable data arriving in a wonderful foursome is the four Cs of jewel evaluating. Knowing this criteria will assist you with making he best choice in regards to the stone utilized in your custom gems. Obviously, your custom goldsmith will prompt you on all things concerning your piece. In any case, having the information yourself in advance can just help. 

So right away, and with a guarantee that none of them are as alarming as those brought by the Horsemen, here are the four Cs of precious stone reviewing.


When discussing jewels, or any valuable stones, the carat esteem signifies the size and weight.

As a beginning stage, a one carat round splendid jewel will be around 6mm in breadth. Or then again about the extent of an eraser toward the finish of a pencil. For different evaluations of jewel and different stones, the measure of a one carat precedent will shift.

To make evaluating of any size stone conceivable, one carat is comprised of one hundred points. For instance, the precious stone on your bashful wedding band might be a large portion of a carat while the substantial one on your announcement ring might be a conspicuous two and three quarter carat.

Unexpectedly, when worried about gold, this specific C turns into a K: our most valuable metal is estimated by the karat.


While numerous individuals’ concept of a precious stone is of an unmistakable stone, one of the four Cs of jewel reviewing is shading.

Worried about how white or how yellow the stone is, the present jewel shading scale keeps running from D-Z, with D being the most looked for after. While this may seem like a D ought to be the perfect precious stone for your custom adornments, the status of owning the whitest stones accessible has pushed their costs maybe higher than they ought to be.

In all actuality, a great harmony among cost and whiteness is struck at around the G level.

Most custom diamond setters will prompt against going underneath a J, as anything from a K to a Z will have excessively unwanted yellowness. Nonetheless, when a precious stone’s shading goes past a Z, it turns into an extravagant yellow, and the esteem at that point starts to rise once more.


While the shade of a jewel is unmistakable to the bare eye, its lucidity isn’t. By utilizing an amplifying eyepiece known as a loupe however, a capable diamond setter can without much of a stretch esteem the lucidity of any valuable stone.

Precious stone lucidity is influenced by pollutions present when the stones are shaped. This might be other precious stone substances, or essentially air.

While the components that influence jewel clearness used to be called ‘defects’, they are presently known as the more conciliatory ‘lucidity qualities’. It might be straightforward semantics, yet it’s surely a superior portrayal. All things considered, regardless of the lucidity, all precious stones are as yet lovely and common.

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