The “Flexible Packaging” Trend

In the event that you where to consider the material(s) for your product, what alternatives would you consider? Probably you might move towards conventional materials such as glass, metallic, cardboard and others. Yet , a seasoned packaging custom made indicate the use of flexible materials. Package designs no longer fulfil only the basic requirements (information conveyance, display, transport friendly designs, protection of items and proper containment space). The scope of requirements have been extended to ensure environmental safety, increased logistics, protection of articles from chemical as well as biological agents, monetary considerations (cost, reuse, use, etc) and package functionality. Flexible Packaging aims to give you the best solutions for meeting all the requirements that are required from a good package design. Flexi Pack

What Constitutes Flexible Product packaging?

If you have recently been shopping recently, you would have noticed that products are being offered in a more convenient bundle than what was shown earlier. Such flexible designs have garnered positive response from businesses as well as consumers. While people are treated to better product safety, greater convenience, increased functionality and assured persistence in high quality levels, the firms benefit from better aesthetics, reduced problems to package, appealing rack appearance and space marketing. Flexible packages are preferred due to their flexible functionality, cost effectiveness, and convenient storage / vehicles features.

Key Drivers Lurking behind the Trend

Trends may just occur by themselves. Generally there are certain drivers that contribute towards its development. Over time, there has recently been drastic changes in consumers, lifestyles and the full sector. Developments and innovative developments in the industry have brought about several convenient products that contain increased the lifestyle of people. Customers are becoming self-expressive and separated when compared to yesteryears. A major factor that has added towards this change is the growth in literacy rates which has recently been the power behind people seeking value proposition. The past three decades have experienced the packaging design change from rigid units to flexible containers which have made it easy for the merchandise to be used without having to be concerned about transferring the material from the primary presentation. Pre-prepared food or ready to eat meals have become quite common nowadays and are proving to become a major helping hand for working women who have difficulty in managing their work and the households.

Examples of Flexible Product packaging:

The best way to relate to the vary from rigid to flexible product packaging would be to assess some real world examples. Baking oil has been the main requisite for each and every home. Keep in mind the time when huge cans of oil used to come to your house? Right after the cups were replace by vinyl bottles for convenient transportation. Now, these come in flexible packaging with some of which bearing spouts so that the contents may be used from it directly. Even vegetables are made available in pre-weighed packages with net like materials used as the packaging material. Accessories such as slider zippers, press-to-close zippers (air lock included) and other functional improvements have increased the entire features of flexible packaging. This kind of trend is well at line with the current patterns of innovations in package design as features has been given importance along with the aesthetics. With developments underway at a steady pace, more ideas should be evident in the forseeable future and it would only improve the effectiveness of the product’s package.

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