Psychics, Mystics and Vedic Astrologers – Who Are the Best Seers of the Unknown?

The topic of psychics brings to most persons’ minds someone in a half trance, with a faraway look in their eyes and an ability to see into events of life (or death) hidden from the consciousness of all other people. best vedic astrologer in usa

They might be used for insights into your present and future health, material prosperity, or to find a lost cherished one. Some profess to schedule an appointment those that contain already advanced from this world. Other folks are actually consulted to give clues to discovering the perpetrators of atrocious crimes, sometimes even by law enforcement. 

Exactly what is this ability to see what most people cannot and are their talents truly real and verifiable? What most people call “being psychic” is much better described as “clairvoyance”. Many of these a feeling allowing one to open the consciousness to receive information contained in the “ether”, shall we say, is very real and such talents actually live in all sentient creatures.

Have you ever ever thought of someone and a second later the phone phoned and it was them? Many owners swear that their dogs or cats and kittens know when they are coming home before they even arrive on their street. Other animals have shown an uncanny capacity to feel when people are ill or if an accident is about to occur. It is a verifiable fact that when the huge tsunami took place in the Indian Marine a few years following your beginning of the twenty first century that all the animals were literally working for higher ground long before people even observed the ocean tide heading out, what to talk about the wave coming in.

Most people’s minds are filled with thoughts related to their sensual wishes for pleasure or non permanent material gain to get started to develop such capabilities. Only in childhood before becoming too “worldly” is natural ability functioning in almost all of us. Having said that, most clairvoyants find and further develop this “sixth sense” from the child years when there are fewer desires for material transactions or sensual demands. The mind is less infected and fewer bothered by a frequent chatter of thoughts and ideas molded by exposure to the mass media and the bombardment of ideas that comes from day to day life in the city world.

Persons who have this “gift” generally also keep a natural eyesight of the momentary mother nature of life on this planet and the folly of acknowledging stressful situations to attempt to gain things that in the long run bring no inner satisfaction. Even so, true clairvoyants with a keen inner “eye to see” are quite unusual. Most that profess to have such gifts and talents turn into adept at reading people from other appearance, behavior, or speech and have developed the skill to intuit from this information. Many take good thing about those in great hardship or that are just more gullible than most naturally.
We have all seen the professionals who put on shows where they find hidden items, reveal information they didn’t want to possibly have known or relay messages from the “dearly departed”. Some of these people undoubtedly have a more developed pure intuition and psychological awareness of people, but few have any truly exceptional talents that bring any information of a “higher” character of spirit.

A marvel, though, is individual who will have highly developed clairvoyant abilities, but is rich in real spiritual knowledge. Generally they are yogis or advanced practitioners on a spiritual path, irrespective of what “religion” they may be said to belong to. Mystics could easily have the ability to understand mundane matters far over and above most persons’ perceptions, nonetheless they are generally so spiritually aimed that their concern is for reassurance that can help a person to realize their own spiritual mother nature or identity. They can be not usually amenable to “predicting” others’ material futures or counseling them in their mundane lives. They typically stay aloof from the material world’s affairs discovering instead with the religious identity.

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