Caravan Terminology – Guide For Buyers

frame – that is the triangular body this is at the front end of the caravan. it is usually included through a piece of moulded plastic. It additionally homes the handbrake and the electrical leads.

ABS – most caravans are actually constructed the use of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) as it is lightbrilliant and repairable. click here

Aquaroll – A roll-alongside container for sparkling water which connects in your caravan water inlet using a submersible pump. 

Awning – much like a 3-sided tent which attaches for your caravan thru the awning rail, placed on the aspect of the caravan. Awnings range from both a complete awning, which runs the entire period of the caravan, to a porch awning which fits over the caravan door.

Awning Rail – The rail on which the awning threads into which runs alongside the edges and pinnacle of the caravan.

Berths – The number of humans the caravan will sleep.

Breakaway Cable – A metallic cable which is completely constant to the lower cease of the handbrake lever with a clip on the opposite stop which attaches for your towbar. This cable might observe the caravan brakes if, for instance, the caravan have become unattached from the automobile.

Butane gasoline – The fuel bought in blue cylinders. It burns at a barely slower fee so it’s miles a extra green warmnesscompany, which generally makes it the desired desire of Caravanners. It can’t be utilized in freezing temperatures and is heavier than propane. If you switch from propane to butane you will want to switch regulators.

CaSSOA – Caravan garage web site proprietors affiliation – the use of a CaSSOA acknowledged site will regularly get you reductions to your caravan coverage policy.

corner Steadies – The legs which wind down from the corners of the caravan which ensure the steadiness of the caravan whilst pitched.

Coupling Head – additionally known as the “hitch” – the a part of the caravan which couples to the towball for your car and locks on.

CRIS – Stands for “Caravan Registration and identity Scheme” and is the national sign in for visiting caravans inside the uk.

Delamination – whilst the adhesive bonding the caravan floor layers emerge as unstuck, allowing the floor layers to begin to creak and turn out to be spongy.

full carrier Pitch – A pitch which has water and power supplyin addition to a connection to the waste machineyou mayadditionally have an instantaneous television aerial connection. can also be known as a multi-carrier pitch.
garage – part of the caravan, normally bunks which fold up when now not in use, that opens from the outside so that youcan installed big items for garage, e.g. bikes.

Gross teach Weight – The combined maximum allowable weight of the loaded caravan and car, which the regulation states need to not be handed.

GRP – Glass bolstered Plastic used for the construction of the caravan panels (not used on more moderen caravans).

Hitch Head Stabiliser – Works by applying friction to the tow ball, consequently stabilising the caravan.

Hitch Lock – The hitch lock is a metal lock which fits over the caravan coupling head, therefore stopping the caravan from being stolen. that is vital to most insurance regulations.

Hook-Up Lead – The lead which connects the caravan to the web page mains electric supply.

Jockey Wheel – The small wheel on the front of the caravan ‘A’ body which you may use for maneuvering the caravan and which supports the the front cease.

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