Are You an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner?

Do you need to be an Entrepreneur or your small business Owner? Is there a difference, will not it matter?

There is a difference, and it can easy to confuse the two or use both conditions interchangeably. A Compact Business Owner owns their own business, but also actively participates in that business. Often the Small business operator is critical to the regular success of the company. Without her or him, the business either does not can be found (i. e. medical, legal, accounting, consulting, freelancing) or would suffer greatly in the owner’s absence for just about any period of time. fusionex

All of us often use the definition of “Solopreneur” to refer to the practitioner who is their own boss but must personally deliver a service or build a product for their business to build earnings. While this may certainly be better than working for somebody else, it’s still about trading time for money – and time is our most limited resource. 

Whether you are a Solopreneur or a Small Business Owner, you likely own a business that depends generally upon you. Perhaps the business is run by you and a couple of other founders. The point is, only a few people know and can implement on the secret formula at the foundation of your business. And those key people must be present for the business to work.

An Entrepreneur instead builds a small business and helping systems that are impartial from the founder. The founder could well be an major (or exclusive) section of the businesses initially, but the goal is always to expand the business until the owner does not have to be linked to everyday operations. When you make a business that continues to generate revenues in your absence, then you have created a truly leveraged model and can call yourself an Entrepreneur.

A large number of of us start as Small Business Owners, enjoy success, and grow our companies. We may then move on to building a larger business that will not require us to be present, and that we graduate student to the level of Entrepreneurship. If we do it again this multiple times, then we may call ourself Serial Entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled. ”
Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business University Professor.
You may well not be clear at the start about which one you want to grow up to be, an Businessman or a Small Organization Owner. But by requesting yourself a number of hard questions, and honestly assessing your true desires, you are more likely to get started on an enterprise that suits you best. And it’s certainly satisfactory if you need to be Little Business Owner… we are not saying that’s a bad thing. But is actually important so that you can get started comprehending the difference between the two as it can impact the sort of business you build and how you plan to produce it.

It’s also important to avoid creating another low-paying harder-working “job”, like the one you may already have! Michael Gerber points out this situation best grass mowers of his seminal book “The E-Myth”. This kind of book is a must read for small business owners, with the major themes being the between working “in” your business (you make the pies) versus working “on” your business (others make the pies following your formula and systems).

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