AR and VR technology – Newcomer in the gaming industry

The gaming industry has always been the favorite playground for new technologies like AR and VR. Variety of new virtual reality games have been developed and released in the recent years, drawing attention to the new tech. AR Applications In Gaming


VR and AR technologies – Future of gaming


The game industry is so fond of these two new technologies by reason of their outstanding capabilities as followings.


Virtual Reality, or VR for short, is a common technology used in games and 360-degree videos as a result of its unique characteristic. VR typically immerses the user in a virtual world via support devices like headsets that largely isolates you from the real world. The capability of making people engaged in an unlimited fantasy world is also the reason why game developers have chosen it for their projects. With VR,  gamers will enjoy hours of real and lively entertainment in an enchanted castle or fierce battlefield, a lifetime experience that is “out-of-this-world”.


Arizona Sunshine, a virtual reality game, has its players battle for their life on different terrains across a post-apocalyptic Arizona, exclusively for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and  PlayStation VR headsets. While content is age-restricted, the game still attracts quite a few gamers around the globe with its VR zombie experience.


Augmented Reality (AR), on the other hand, rather inserts virtual objects and information into the real world, “augmenting” your experience of it via a headset. As the technology simply makes the best of both world by combine cod the real world and allows users computer perceptual information to interact with them, it has wide application in healthcare, education, and construction.


Like VR, AR also is a promising technology for the gaming industry. Pokémon GO, an AR game, had created a worldwide fever right after it was released. The game map is indeed the real world map, requires players to travel around their neighbor to catch the virtual creatures called Pokémon. This was captured and displayed impressively through the trailer of the game posted on the website.

VR and AR – Which will lead the gaming industry?

Although both of these technologies have great potential to apply in the field, still, it is AR that shows advanced to game developers. The rise of the internet and the popularity of smartphones have created advantages for AR to dominate the gaming market. Most smartphone’s camera is able to recognize the surrounding environment, making these devices, by design, suitable for AR applications. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also showed his agreement when pointed out that having a smartphone is like have a full-functioned AR device.

On the other hand, VR requires expensive tools like VR glasses, sensation controller, and high-end computer set. Still, instead of being each other opponent in the gaming industry, AR and VR are both being developed by major corporations like Facebook and Microsoft. However, AR will take advance of the popularity of smartphone to prevail in development speed. In the next few years, users like us can expect more high-quality AR applications.

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